Wednesday, August 26, 2009


How can you resist a cashmere elephant? Much less, one with it's own toadstool. I so love making elephants. They seem to be enjoyed by others as well. Each fair I have participated in, I have sold the elephant. This last weekend, I sold almost all of my softies. It makes me so happy to think that others enjoy them as I do. I was even asked about possibly doing a show a gallery. WOW!

I have another show coming up and in between enjoying our company, I have been very busy. I found some neat sweaters today inspite of the out of towners collecting their sweaters at 'My" Salvation army. I think we need a sign..." Sweaters for locals first." hehe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More to new homes...

York days was an interesting fair. I loved being with my sister-in-law Lori, but also missed Heidi. Working on new merchandise trying out new display ideas. I wonder how everything will turn out? Heidi won't be a the next fair either. Her sister is getting married and I was so anxious to get going, I didn't check any dates with her. Looks like all will work out though. Just means that everyone will have to come to all my shows so that they don't miss anything.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girl Time Art Camp Week 2

Watch out Softie collectors....there is some new talent on the streets. I could not get over how awesome my art girls were this week. They each created their own softie, made the pattern and sewed it in a day! The day before they made pocket journals from old jeans. It was great to see each girl personalize their journals with their own ideas, talents and interests. I think we will need to have a day long journal day for those that missed this great project. Thanks to Aunt Leslie who created the original.

Girl Time Art Camp Week 1

Here we all are after our first week of art camp. I had such an awesome time and sooooo enjoyed each and every girl. Watch out they come. To be so uninhibited (is that a word?) I think they all had a great week. Playing the Ungame was definitely a favorite for the girls. Great game for group bonding. I have the family addition, but by changing a few words here and there it was perfect. Great game to get to know each other.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laptop anyone?

Took a brake from making softies for a day - tried my hand at laptop sleeves. A sleeve not a bag.... you say. It is meant to be a cover for your laptop when you take it with you in another bag, or carrying it. It goes in a backpack, suitcase, or seat of the car. Not sure that others will "get it." This one is lined with fun fabric. I guess it will become mine if it doesn't sell at the next fair. I made two others, with vintage buttons and no lining.

Enjoyed York Days this past weekend. Saturday was pretty slow, but Sunday picked up. I met some great people and loved spending the two days with my sister-in-law. Missed Heidi, but with friends in town and deadlines approaching she was needed elsewhere.

Wondering if anyone knows what I should be expecting to make at a show. Someone once told me that a good show is one that you make____% over the cost to be in the show. I just can't remember what that figure was.

Getting ready for Art Girls next week. We are going to have such a great week. They of course have requested many awesome crafts....we will need to work hard. I will transfer the pics from the last one to share. They made such great art.