Saturday, February 28, 2009

Goofy Faces (Bart's Revenge!)

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Island treasures

Pics of some of my weekend treasures.  Emelia, my oldest daughter, an amazing treasure.  And my findings.  We went to my favorite place here in Harpswell and I found so much great stuff.  I have missed beach combing since there has been so much snow and it is so cold.  Before Sundays storm, Bart and the girls and I went out for  a short while.  Bart and Chloe threw the football, Ella and Chloe climbed on the rocks, Emelia quickly returned to the car to read and I filled two bags of goodies.  I am also proud to report that since I have had no power I have actually used a lot of it in my recent art projects.  This would be the point where I should up load those pics and share the projects...... but that would take me from my warm spot on the couch.  

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Frayed Edges

This great rug is being made by my good friend and fellow "Frayed Edges" member Kate Cutko.  We meet once a month a share our artsy creations - usually art quilts, and give each other feedback and encouragement.  We also eat yummy food and devour each others art books.  Kate downloaded a utube video on how to make this rug from fabric scraps and now I am in love.  I just have to make one.  Anyone interested in taking this on with me?
I hope to share the link with all of you...... trying now.      Well - that is it, but I don't think it copied like a link.  I can try again.....  Let me know if anyone wants it.  I would also welcome advice as how to put the link in the post.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basketball Star

Chloe finished the basketball season a star.  She had a small team and got a lot of playing time.  She continues to excel at sports.  We haven't found one that she does not like.  I'd like to think that she takes after me....well me many moons ago.  Bart may argue that fact - taking credit for her soccer abilities.  

Emelia starts the Theatre Project next week.  She will practice three days a week.  We are excited for her to try out her acting interest.  If only Harry Potter or Bella and Edward would join them she would be in heaven.  

Off to have tea with a couple of girlfriends tonight.  Will have to fight the urge to buy another craft book.  Grammy Sue helped me organize my studio today and stated very clearly that I have NO MORE ROOM!  She just does not understand the addictions of a crafter.  I reminded her about her large number of romance novels and the subject was dropped.  Sure appreciate her help.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sing, sing a song, sing out loud!

Ella's class did a great job singing at a nursing home.  You may wonder why there are only six girls there.....well there are only six kids in her class and they are all girls!  Not many places can you have six kids in a class, especially in a public school.  My Ella, is the the little one in the brown shirt.  Next year the class will be a 1 -2 mix and she will experience the reality of school.

We went to the Blackbird Cafe last weekend, when Ella's teacher was performing and she called Ella and three others that were there up front to join her performance.  I am amazed by Ella's strength and confidence to sing in front of so many people.  Of course,  Nina is sitting in the audience singing right along.  She loves it when Ella sings at home and has learned all the words. 

We just enjoyed french toast, compliments of my husband.  Time to dress and start cleaning out the basement.  Local friends....prepare for lots of goodies to go to your houses.  

Friday, February 13, 2009

Girls, Girls everywhere!

I seem to be a little "girl" heavy.  If not in daughters and girlfriends - they come in fabric.  My poor husband..... or some would say lucky husband.  We realized that tomorrow when we join some friends for the Portland Pirates Hockey game that the ratio will be 11 to 2.  That is females to males.  Please don't think that we wouldn't have loved to have a son or love to have boys over.  We just tend to attract estrogen.  This will probably be a very different post when they hit teen years.  Boys, Boys, Boys everywhere.  No, No, girls aren't going to be interested in boys until at least 25.  

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holiday festivities

I mentioned the other day....about making waxed crayon Valentine's with Nina - well....she is now obsessed with making them.  Anytime I mention ironing, cooking or doing a craft , she insists on getting out the cheese grater and waxed paper.  Poor thing, she is going to think that cheese graters are for crayons, not cheese.  This may actually lead to another woman who struggles to make rice krispee treats.  NO WAY!  Just to set the record straight, I made a yummy dinner tonight and desert.  And they were both tasty.  

So glad that school vacation starts tomorrow.  We are looking forward to play dates, pajama days, and sorting and organizing.  Can you guess which ones I want the most? was a success- going to Ella's class to make Valentine's paper weights and magnets.  I brought each girl, remember there are only six kids (all girls) in Ella's class, a t-shirt with an appliqued heart on it as a smock.  They were so excited and fun to work with.   

Tomorrow - I have a  house full of girls.  We plan to craft and play in the snow.  Bart is coming home early from work with two more girls to add to the mix.  I'll let you know how we survive.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

On line again

We have been experiencing technical difficulties lately. Things should be back to normal now.  If there is a normal. 

The little ladies are from the CNY fair. We have a few left, but hope to find new homes for them soon.  I will try to post some of the other treasures we made for the fair.  All of the needle felted pandas sold.  I was so thrilled about that.   

Off to prepare for Valentines Day parties. It's a sad sight when you mess up rice krispee treats.  Thank goodness the grocery store was open early.   

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Dancing Queens

I love it when my girls put on shows.  Often when Emma comes over, she and Ella come up with a play or dance to perform.  On this occasion everyone joined in.  This is a positive to having four children - there are enough of us to make up our own play, baseball team,  choir..... and also enough of us to make it impossible to fly anywhere $$$$$.  We don't eat out much and love hand -me- downs.  I just wouldn't have it any other way.  It makes my new outlook on life easier - when it isn't just a choice, but necessary.  Bart and I are committed to consuming less, reusing what we have, and supporting those around us.  Wow, I sound like a Hallmark card.  I definitely did not abide by this over the holidays, and do slip at times, but in my heart - this will be my reality.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Salvation Army Wednesdays

Nina and I have enjoyed our Wednesday morning trips to Salvation Army.  We learned that Wednesdays are 1/2 price clothing days and have made a fun routine of searching out wool sweaters.  The little guy in the picture is a gift I made for Chloe for Christmas from a few sweater left overs. I have greatly enjoyed creating "softies" lately.  I love the ones made from cotton, but there is something special about using material that is recycled.  Many of the sweaters have holes or stains and can easily be altered to turn into pairs of felted mittens, purses or a one of a kind Sofie.  

I actually started an art quilt today.  I have been making so many things for craft fairs or gifts that I haven't been able to make something just to make something.  It was great.  Nina even took a nap in the bean bag chair across the room.  She sure does like having me within an eye shot.  Moms will do just about anything to get a few minutes for themselves.  You do what works.  

Monday, February 2, 2009

Cleaning out my studio!

My time is is time to clean.  My mother would be oh so pleased.  Maybe I can even convince her to help- hint, hint mom.  Since Bart finished my studio this past fall I haven't spent any time going through all my stuff and organizing.  I am ready to let go of things, I haven't used and have order with what I do have.  Anyone interested in any supplies let me know.  I have started working on a few classes for kids and adults.  My hopes are to provide a location for people to be creative.  Whether they do their own thing or I share my many obsessions. More to come soon. 

Dont forget to start your valentines.  Nina and I are going to make a few mobiles today. We plan to melt old crayons on to wax paper and then cut out hearts and hang them from a stick from outside.   They look great hanging in front of a window. 

Have a great day.