Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hard Core Hikers

They did it! Bart took Emelia and Chloe on their annual trip to Katahdin and they had a great time. The girls were a little worried about the hike, but did a great job. Next year Ella joins them. Nina and I will wait a bit longer. I love that they have that time together and come home with such special memories and stories to share. To think that this trip was something that Bart and I did together before the girls came. Sure was different then... I miss the alone time, but wouldn't trade a moment of time with my family.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good bye Ellie

Ellie is on her way to her new home. I am pleased with her new home, but will miss her. She gave me confidence and assured me that making softies was working for me. I just love it. It is funny how I feel when people ask me what I am making for craft fairs and I tell them "softies." I find myself trying to convince them that this is a valid craft and something people like. It reminds me of how I would apologize for a gift that I would give to someone, giving them permission to not like it. NOT GOOD! I need to, well want to, feel confident and sure of what I make. I sold so many at the fair that it ole Ellie has done her job. There are other people who find value and enjoy a homemade one of a kind cozy. Now....the next step....submit them to Somerset Magazine for their Softie addition. Scary!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back!

I am ready to be a consistent blogger. I talked to my good friend Joan, while at the lake, and feel like I have a plan to give my crafting world my attention. I participated in the Harpswell Festival this past Sunday and inspite of the rain had a great day. I love living here so much. To be able to be at a festival and see so many people that I know (and like). I feel truly blessed.

I was able to earn enough $ to pay off the tent I had to buy for all my shows. Yippee. Monday I jumped right in and had my first week of Girl Time Art Camp. The camp filled up and we are having a blast. Each girl is so truly amazing. I so love this age (9 to 12). Well....let me clarify. I love this age to teach and get to know....I find it challenging as a mother. All of my art girls save all that emotional stuff for their mommas and I get the enjoyable time. We wrap up tomorrow with an art show and I will post pics.