Friday, March 27, 2009

Experimenting with mosaics.

I have no idea why this is turning out blue and underlined.  Ugh.  Maybe it will be fine when I post it????  These are two of the frames that I have made with my sea collections.  The first two frames I used tile adhesive and was not happy.  Tile adhesive is great if you are going to grout after words.  I did not want to grout so the adhesive was showing through.  I ended up using my stand by E6000.  The glue of all glues.  

Bunnies in waiting....

I have been having a blast making bunnies.  They just can't seem to get past this point.  I think it is the whole hand stitching thing.  I have always  made it up as I go and it intimidates me a little.  Tomorrow....they will get eyes and maybe whiskers.  They have great tails already.  

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Sewing Again!

I have been eyeing my fabric collection, wondering why - I keep buying fabric when I haven't used what I have.  Since I am in love with some of the new lines coming out-----I am sewing.  Then....I hope to go to Portsmouth to the fabric store.  Heavenly.

This bag/holder is lined with canvas and has one handle.  I did this so that it could hang from a hook or knob.  I think I am going to put my clothes pins in it, by my back door.  Oh wait.....I am suppose to sew for craft fairs.  The little clutch above was going to be a birthday gift, but then I started to do the self doubt thing.  I love homemade gifts, but wonder if others may not.  I know my crafty friends like homemade....but do others?  Could giving a homemade gift be seen as cheap? Not my thought - but my worry.  I should also add that we rotate birthdays in this group and usually spend around the same amount on each other.  It was my turn to provide the gift.  Any thoughts?

Had a migraine last night.  I woke in the middle of the night dreaming about a migraine and wouldn't you know it...I had a migraine.  My lovely husband got the girls off for me and after a little more sleep, I feel mostly better.  I think I was stressed about paying bills.  In case any of you ever need financial advice....don't put a social worker in charge of your money.  Things learned: don't hit send twice, that pays them twice and check your balance before you start.  I know mom....not my strong suit. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My new stool.

Though this picture was only taken to adjust the lighting on the camera - I need to show off my great stool.  I purchased it for $2.00 a yard sale.  Of course it was sort of white with an ugly cover.  I planned to cover it for some time and did not.  Then it was like magic. I was away for a day and my husband decided we needed a foot stool in front of our couch.  Yep....he did it.  I hadn't even told him what I wanted it to look like.  He found the remnant in my stash....painted it and presto.  Gotta love him.  

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


  I have been going to my friend Jen's site and downloading some of her great lists.  Not only am I trying to clean out my house, but trying to be more productive in my studio.  I have actually crossed a few things off and it is only Wednesday.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mountain Road Mommas!

I moved to the Doughty Point Road, off the Mountain Road,  a year and a half ago and little did  know that I was going to be surrounded by such awesome families.  And to think that every other Tuesday night (after the kids are in bed)  they get together for "craft night."  Now I know a lot about crafting.....and there is not a lot of crafting going on.  Some husbands call it the "mom mafia".  I just love it, what ever it is called.  We eat, drink, chit chat and sometimes make things.   The greatest part is that they are terrific women and mothers and just the kind of people you want to raise a family around.  The night these photos were taken - we all exchanged junk.  I brought the most of course, since I have been organizing my basement.  I did leave with a great pair of shoes and a new scarf.  

Friday, March 6, 2009

Panda Power!

Two more pandas left from the fair.  Are you getting tired of hearing about what is left from the fair?  I wonder if Heidi would notice if I confiscate them.  They all just make me so happy.  
We are heading to the Bowdoin Women's NCAA championship game tonight.  The couch is the mother of one of the little girls in Ella's class.  She is also volunteering to teach them basketball.  She is wonderful.  Chloe is also very excited to see a "real" game.  I think it will help inspire her love of sports.  Bart's mother is here for the night.  The girls just love having her.  She is making a bunny craft with them right now.  The girls have to keep track on the calendar of who got to have her in their room last time to sleep over.  Tonight Emelia gets the pleasure.  It works for us ..... they all prepared by cleaning up their rooms.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Moving on after Barts revenge

This is one of the pieces that Heidi and I collaborated over.  I of course can not take the real credit. I merely painted the background and requested a panda.  Heidi is the amazing artist on this one.  If you knew how quickly and easily she painted this it would amaze you.  Well, I think it would.  She amazes me. 

More pandas to follow.....