Monday, February 14, 2011

Edie Beattie!

So in love with our new little pooch. Decided she had enough of the outdoor life and demanded to be carried. She may have a difficult adjustment when she gets bigger. Busy life here. Happy life here. Deciding whether to pick up updating my blog or sending everyone to my Beattie Chicks blog that is getting updated. Hmmm...what to do.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Time

It seems that summer came and went so quickly. Weren't we just making our plans for summer adventures? Sleeping in and having late nights? These Monday morning routines are getting the best of me....early bed times, packing our bags and making lunches. Sometimes I just want it to be summer again. I love the pace of summer. Back to chore charts and point systems....away with the tearful mornings. Maybe I need to check out List Planit for a good list on getting back into the school routine.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ellie the Elephant!

I found the photo of the little girl and her much loved elephant. I hope she is enjoying her new softie just as much.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Little Friends!

Just a pic of two little friends that found homes at the Cumberland fair. I am busy filling an order for my new favorite store - Seaside Creations, right here in Harpswell. She started selling my softies the middle of July and has sold almost 30 of them. I am amazed! Love it! She has asked for 12 more and between sewing them and completing an order for one of my favorite little Junior Girl Timers - I have been busy. Little nervous about the fair on the 4th of September. I am also a little feels so great that people like what I create. Anyone that is heading out my way should head to Bailey Island and visit Seaside Creations. She is open Thurs. - Sunday and has the greatest mix of arts and crafts to sell.

While I am sharing some of my happy feelings ....another great thing that happened to me at the Cumberland fair was meeting a family that does not live locally, but came to the fair in hopes to buy another of my softies. The Grammy had bought her Granddaughter one of my elephants and she loved it so much that she wanted another. She came with her mom and Grammy and had her elephant "Ellie" that she loved so much. I was so happy to see that she loved her Ellie - and that Ellie still looked so good. I took a photo...but I can't seem to find my iPhone - anyone seen it?

Monday, August 16, 2010


Thinking about our display for craft fairs and wanting to try something new. Leslie and I just participated in the Cumberland Craft Fair and it was amazing. I have never been apart of something so big and with so many vendors or shoppers. We had a wonderful time. We met so many amazing people. From Todd, our neighbor, to Lisa from down the way, we were blessed with many new friendships, advice and an amazing sense of something greater then we had known before. Selling so much product, translated into three sleepless nights. Worth it....but oh so sleepy still. We got a lot of ideas about our display, but am not sure when they will happen.

Thanks friends for stopping in.

Friday, July 30, 2010

The Harpswell Festival

The Girls (Super 6 and the Beattie Chicks) were asked to be in the Harpswell Festival, so we had to make a float. During the festival, Ella and Nina sang the Harpswell Song on the stage and then jumped on the float for the parade. I put off making the float until the last minute, but thanks to my girls and Grammy Sue we pulled it off and had a great time.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Best Day Yet!

We finished our week of Jr. Girl Time with such laughter. The girls amazed me with the creations that they made. Their shadowboxes were fabulous. We gave them prompts and together they wrote a poem about girl time and the sea for the inside. They even came up with the idea of signing each others box. A great sense of togetherness was felt by all.

Our castings with Plaster of Paris did not turn out as well as we would have liked. About half of them were successful. Everyone was great about this - and luckily we had many projects in the works that were loved by all. Looking forward to Sr. Girl Time in August. Definitely will change it up a bit, but will keep some of the same projects.

Enjoyed a great show this past weekend at the Harpswell Festival. Saw so many people we knew and met many others. I just kept pinching myself to make sure it was real. I love where I live. I love what I do. And adore the people that are in my life. Oh, Happy Day!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day 3

Sorry for the delay in this post. Things got pretty busy with camp ending and participating in the Harpswell Festival this weekend. This photo is of one of the many amazing creations that came out of camp today. This lovely piece of driftwood became a parrot to this young lady. Can't you see it.

We did a lot of walking today on this secret beach location. Didn't find what we thought we would, but found great things just as well. No false teeth were found, but the snail shells were abundant. Though we tried to get a better look at the snails inside the shells that were occupied, we had to use our imagination to create our own. The shells did well when they were baked - thank goodness.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Day 2

Purple sea glass, driftwood, shards of potter and false teeth? Yes - leave it to our Girl Time girls to find false teeth amongst the treasures at the beach. And no, they were not pretend or a full set. Somehow they made it home to one of our girls homes, thankfully not mine. A fun time was had by all as we explored a different beach and found a different set of goodies. Opinions were mixed as to which location was more desirable. Driftwood signs were made when we returned. The girls each created a sign from their treasure and were excited to take them home to hang.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Girl Time Camp July 2010

We started our week off on a good note. The girls were terrific. We had nine today and tomorrow we will have ten. Everyone was so kind and worked well together. We prepared our boards in the morning before we left and then went to our first secret location. The girls found such great treasures and were eager to return to make art with what they found. We made butterflies out of shell pairs and mounted them on scrap wood.

Tomorrow we are off to another fun spot. Hope for no rain and good temperatures.

Good news - The Beattie Chicks will have it's first art show at the Town office in Harpswell for the month of August. We will be showing only a few of mine and Leslie's art and will bring the girls and some adults work to share. There is an open house on the 9th from 6 to 7:30.