Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laptop anyone?

Took a brake from making softies for a day - tried my hand at laptop sleeves. A sleeve not a bag.... you say. It is meant to be a cover for your laptop when you take it with you in another bag, or carrying it. It goes in a backpack, suitcase, or seat of the car. Not sure that others will "get it." This one is lined with fun fabric. I guess it will become mine if it doesn't sell at the next fair. I made two others, with vintage buttons and no lining.

Enjoyed York Days this past weekend. Saturday was pretty slow, but Sunday picked up. I met some great people and loved spending the two days with my sister-in-law. Missed Heidi, but with friends in town and deadlines approaching she was needed elsewhere.

Wondering if anyone knows what I should be expecting to make at a show. Someone once told me that a good show is one that you make____% over the cost to be in the show. I just can't remember what that figure was.

Getting ready for Art Girls next week. We are going to have such a great week. They of course have requested many awesome crafts....we will need to work hard. I will transfer the pics from the last one to share. They made such great art.

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