Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am planning to make more of my "taggies" this next week. I love blankies, but am even fonder of something that resembles a stuffed friend. So...I put them together -a softie and a taggie. Hmmm, what to call them "staggies"- no. Softie Tags, no. Any ideas?

My husband is home this week. I am so excited about this. We had a wonderful talk this morning about our lives together and with our daughters. We are developing a strict budget and family plan. We met with our girls shared our ideas with them. They seemed to like our ideas. They didn't like the cleaning and getting rid of stuff after the meeting, But the dreaming of family activities to participate in, that don't cost money, was fun to come up with together. Our long term goal will be a fabulous vacation next year. This year...careful spending, great family times and getting our lives together in order. In the mean time if anyone wishes to pass large sums of money our way...we would love to have our debts paid off sooner. Hehe. Chloe's words, "I wish money grew on trees." I am sure it will be hard, but is sure feels good.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warning - Owls must have wings!

I love making owls. BUT - it is time for them to mature. So - they have wings. Definately a good move. Planning to make an owl pillow today for my oldest daughter. Shhhh! Dont tell.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Harpswell Communtiy Nursery School

I loved seeing the colors and patterns that everyone picked for their projects at tonights fundraiser. I felt inspired to come home and try a few things differently. I didn't though....after spending my afternoon with my Girl Time Girls and then running to the Nursery School, I have decided that relaxing on the couch is a fine thing to do. Feels extra fun since my husband cleaned the kitchen.

You may think I am nuts....but I am so excited to have a few projects to make that my friends have ordered. Commitions make me nervous. I like it when someone sees what I make and decides they want it. When someone asks for something do I ever know if they really like it or not????? I end up over compensating and doubting myself. Not good. However, when someone asks for me to make something and they are open - I am okay. I am making three softies for a friend whose children I adore and to make them for them feels good. I hope they like them.

Looking forward to school vacation. I can't wait to not have a lot going on and to be present in my life - with my girls and my husband. Family time. Love it.

Beattie Chicks Art Night

I hope you are all as impressed as Leslie and I are - at how great everyone did at our needle felted decoration class. Honestly Leslie and I were a little unsure as what to expect. This weeks class had a lot of people that we did not know well in it. We had no idea as to what their experience was or to their interests. And we didn't know how they would work together. Yippee for us and for another night of great woman and fun art.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lilac Love

I am so happy that this little gal has gone home with someone special. I sure do love fuzzy purple wool.

I am finished with my craft fairs and just finished teaching three classes this week. I am so happy, but sad. Does that make sense? I am glad to not have the pressure of having enough product for a fair. I guess it is knowing that I have completed my commitments that feels good. BUT...I love it. I love making things. I love sharing what I have learned with others. I love it when someones face lights when they have made something they love. I like it when people love the things I make. Hmmmm. Happy thoughts.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I planned to update my blog with all the news from our great craft weekend....BUT I started to doze off twice while the picture was uploading. I think I need to close my eyes. I will try to complete it tomorrow.

Monday, November 30, 2009

The Happiness Tree

I had a great time with Lisa Bossi last week at her book signing. We thought we would have a chance to catch up if she wasn't busy. That did not happen! Very happily, I must add. Lisa sold out of all of the books. So many people came out to meet her and to buy the book. LL Beans is carrying the book as well as many other stores. I highly recommend it for anyone on your holiday list. My request of Lisa is to turn some of her amazing illustrations into art for the wall. Anyone that wants to know more about Lisa and her books you can see her button on my blog and it will take you to her website. It happens to be my favorite website -so go check it out.

Started to feel a little panicy tonight about this next week and weekend. I think it may be a bit like writers block....crafters block. Hmmmm. I wonder if that is a real thing? I have decided that it will not last and that I do what I do because I love it and it will all come.

Doughty Point

Here are my Babes on our hike Sunday. There was a picture of me, but it was of my bottem side going up the Mt. Definately not going to share that one. My big accomplishment was having Nina on my back and making it back home. I found a log I wanted to bring home and needed Bart to carry it back for me. Nina is definately bigger then last year....or I am older. Hmmm.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Leslie and I have been spending a lot of time Kennebunk. This picture was taken at the School Around Us before Thanksgiving. We had a great show. Yesterday we enjoyed a small show at Wallingford Farm. We sat next to a wood burning stove and got to watch all the children sit on Santa's lap. After the show we all went to my sister-in-laws house for our family Thanksgiving. The guys got to do the cooking while we all showed our goodies at the fair. I sure do love my family.

This is crunch week for me. I have a big weekend next weekend with three shows. I hope to see everyone. I went with my family hiking this morning. I had just gone down to sew and Bart mentioned hiking out to the point. My first reaction was to stay home...but I didn't. It was so great. The weather is amazing for this time of year and the views were fabulous. Ella and Chloe had gone to run errands with my mom, so it was just Emelia and Nina. Great time!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fairs, Fairs, Fairs

We had a great fair in Kennebunk this past weekend. This was our second time doing a fair put on by the School Around Us and it was just as terrific as the first one. I had a hard time not spending all of my $ at the other crafters tables. Leslie and I both enjoyed meeting great people and look forward to seeing many of them at the Consolidated School in Kennebunk on Dec, 5Th.

We will be at Wallingford Farm this Saturday. Our families will be at our other sister-in-laws preparing a holiday meal for us to share after a day of selling our wares. I so look forward to some family time. After this weekend, Leslie and I are going into overdrive to prepare enough holiday crafts to make it through three shows in one weekend. The weekend of December 4,5 and 6Th. We will be participating in the fair at The Harpswell Grange (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the Consolidated School -in Kennebunk on Saturday, and at Williams-Cone School in Topsham from 10 - 2 on Saturday. Sounds a little crazy, but we have it all figured out. I am actually excited to be able to participate in so many great fairs. We have been working hard to have plenty of great products for all three fairs. I hope to see you all at at least one of the fairs. If you miss us, we will be at Sunsplash, at Bowdoin College on Friday, December 11th.

Now....onto a another subject.....SPELLING! First, I am not a good speller. Second, I make the same grammatical errors over and over and over. Having a mother who is a pro in English does not help. Well it did growing up because she would proof read all of my work. Now.....she tells me days later, after a post has been out for the world to see that I did it again.....
I tend to use "then" when it should be "than". I wonder if you have noticed? Don't tell me if you have. Just smile and try to send me your editing skills telepathically.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snow people

Looks like it worked now. Hmmm

I have tried four times to upload a pic my friend Catherine sent me, but each time, it does not work. It says it has uploaded, but when it arrives it is a bunch of words. Does anyone know what is wrong? must go to my friend Catherine's blog and see the great snow people everyone made at the Beattie Chicks class this past Monday. Now to give you a link....Not working. So her blog is on the side of blog, listed as Art From the Heart. Hope you check it out.

Well we had a great night at our class. We had eight woman and we had such a terrific time. It was great seeing how each persons individual flare came through. I have loved making snow people for a few years, but a few weeks ago, when I got together with my Frayed Edges friends, Kathy shared her idea of making snow people similar to this new style snowman we made. I sure love having crafty friends.

Other happenings....I was at a craft fair this past weekend and it was a great success. I did the best I ever had on Saturday. Sunday was very slow, but still fun. This next weekend Leslie and I will be at the fair at School Around US in Kennebunk. If you go to just one fair this year. I highly recommend this one. They are very selective and have many unique crafters.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Night creations

Here are some pictures of some of the great mirrors that were made at our first Beattie Chick art night. Leslie got the pictures of the others on her camera. I will try to get them posted for you to see. Thinking of having this class again , thanks to the great woman who attended we have heard from many of you who wish to make one for yourself. Just let us know.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pumpkins and power tools

Do others use power tools to carve their pumpkins? Bart and I waited till the last minute (Oct. 31) to purchase pumpkins this year. We were then only able to find these half rotten tiny ones. The girls still loved carving them. Pumpkin carving was brought to an all new high for Bart - he says they were to hard. After this....we made sure that he had time to cut the fire wood with his chain saw so that he could leave pumpkin carving to the kids.

For those of you that know my husband, you understand that he is not one of those guys that feeds off man toys. But there is definitely something to say about a little power, even for Bart.

I haven't put my pictures on my computer yet, but I have some great things to share. First our first Beattie Chicks craft night was great. We had six woman join us and they each made such great art and we had so much fun. My lovely friend Annie called me the day after the class and to hear her joy over her piece just brought it all together for me. Having time to play and create does something to you. I am so glad that these classes will give many woman the opportunity to try new and fun things without the stress of having to put it all together and buy all the supplies. Honestly, I do hope to make crafters out of many of them and to learn and discover fun stuff together.

Girl Time Art Camp started this past week also. The girls were great. At the end of class they wouldn't let us stop and wanted to make the parents wait for them, in hopes to finish their projects. We try to get so much done in our two hours. Next week, we will have to forgo the pretzels after school and jump right in before the class is to officially start.

My last bit of news....Leslie and I participated in a craft fair on Saturday. We had a nice time at the fair and even were able to drag ourselves out to the Motor Booty concert with many of my friends from my neighborhood that evening. For those of you that are not locals, Motor Booty is a band that plays 70's music. I loved watching everyone and we danced the night away. I wish I had worn platform shoes and I haven't seen such great attire in such a long time.

we spent today enjoying family time. Grammie Sue took the girls to the playground and out for a treat around lunch time and Bart and I went out for a quick kayak trip. He took me to a small island and as I pulled onto the shore I spotted the greatest sea glass. I forgot about the pain radiating up my arm from paddling for about ten minutes and gathered some glass for my collection. Lucky for me the waves were moving in my direction on our return trip. I was glad that he didn't tell me about hypothermia and the water temperature until we were close to shore. I think we will wait warmer days next summer for further adventures on the sea.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This weeks class.

We still have a few spots left for this weeks Beattie Chicks class. It is held in my home studio in Harpswell and starts at 7 and goes to 9 or 10. The cost is $20.00. We have a great group signed up so far and are very excited. Leslie and I got together yesterday to get everything ready. We even have put together some kits so if anyone wants to purchase an additional mirror and the supplies to make another one they can. We want so much to share what we have learned with others. This way, everyone can tap into that creative energy. Please know that with all the classes we offer, people of all artistic levels can attend. We set up the classes so you can follow our pattern as is or adapt it to your liking.

Also, I am preparing for the craft fair at Brunswick High School this Saturday. I hope I will see some of my local friends there.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Finally a Work Day.

Nina and I stayed home today. We were invited to a brunch with our girlfriends, but I forced myself to stay home. I have been so busy that I have not had the time to craft lately and time is running out before our first holiday show. Nina enjoyed creating today as well. She played with stamps, cut fabric for us to sew on the machine and traced cookie cutters. She really wanted to paint, but I was having a hard enough time getting my sewing done. I do love that she likes to do arts and crafts. She almost likes it too much. Does that make sense?

Have some great new softies to share with you. My friend Deborah, from my Frayed Edges Art Quilting group, brought me an awesome wool sweater all the way from Texas. It is funny how happy I was to receive a sweater, that I am going to cut up. I enjoyed her more then the sweater though. We just had our yearly overnight at Kathy's this past Sunday. All of us were there. I have some great pictures to share. We each brought a kit to share, with a holiday decoration to make. It is so great to have friends that you can share your life with and also enjoy crafting with.

Monday, October 26, 2009


I have learned a lot this past week about friendship. Mostly, I have firmed up some of my own personal beliefs.
- I believe that when you love someone, it does not go away, change yes, but not go away.
- I believe that you should always look for the good in people and try to understand where they are coming from.
-It is okay to disagree, when you are friends, you have to talk it through.
-Relationships change...and that is okay. No one is bad or wrong.
-I find that when you are finding a lot of fault with someone, it often has to do with something within yourself.
-Don't hold on to negative feelings.
-It is natural to grow away from someone, this does not need to be a hurtful thing.

An old friend of mine sent me a note recently, I felt so good inside when I received it. So many years have gone by, but reading her words made it feel like we were back at our old jobs working side by side. She said to me that she believes that people come in our lives and got out and while they are with us we learn something from each other and then go on our way. I guess we have more work with some people then others. I hope this friend is someone that I get to see again. Our lives changed and we have both been involved in other things. She taught me so many lessons before, I think we have more to offer each other.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mt. Road Mommas at it again.

The Black Cat Ball is happening this coming up Friday. I my craft night ladies and I decided that we needed to dress up this year. Lucky for us I remembered this great hat that Leslie and I made a few years ago. After we made them all, some coming out more intact then others - we went out to my yard and spay painted them. It was a great night. Thank you ladies.

Tonight I am with my Frayed Edges Art quilt ladies. Deborah came into town from Texas and we are enjoying a tonight and tomorrow together. We each brought a decoration and kit for each other to make. I have been having a great time. I will post pics tomorrow I hope.

Anyone that knows my Frayed Edges group, they give the best gifts. Deborah brought my birthday gift and the page she made for my art quilt book. I love them both soooo much. I am going to hang them both in my house. Kathy already gave me a birthday gift, but she forgot and gave me another one. I fessed up, but lucky me, she let me keep it. She knit me a pair of hand warmer/cuff warmer/mittens with no fingers. I love them.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Birthday Party Owls!

My Ella is the third from the right. And the other young ladies are her friends from school. We had a great party. I had sewn the owls together and the girls stuffed them, sewed them closed, and made their beaks and eyes. I had such a fun time. Next weekend it's Chloe's turn. Hmmm. Sports anyone?

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here it is !

I can't figure out how to make it bigger or show all the pages. We will be sending it out tomorrow, so check your email. If you do not receive it, send me an email or leave a comment. Thanks for everyones support.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The color looks a bit off in this picture. He really is a fun green color. Notice please all of you boy moms. I am trying to make some non gender specific softie friends. His oh so glamorous legs were made from my large collection of single socks. I am so pleased that I have figured out how to use all of those socks that my girls and I have started collecting. Collecting is probably not the right word for our single socks. I think of collecting as a desired thing. Something we search for or want more of. We do not need more single socks. I haven't been able to throw them out in hopes that their match would one day surface. At least now I will know where the match has gone.

While I am on the topic of socks, it was a pretty big milestone for us when Emelia started being able to wear my socks. At first it was a neat feeling to share socks with my daughter. But then Chloe's feet got big enough and now I share with two daughters. I am going to put an end to Emelia sharing with me since her feet are now a 9 1/2. She has her Grammy Sue to thank for her long and narrow feet. My grand plan of getting really awesome shoes for her when she was a 7 never happened due to the fact that she was only a seven for half a week. I am still holding out hope for Chloe - though she is not much interested in anything beyond sneakers.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

A Little Delay

This picture is not the news. I tried to put it under the next paragraph, but with no success. My birthday was a few weeks ago and my husband surprised me with this sweet cake. We will have another weekend of birthday cake with both Ella and Chloe's birthdays coming up. I will be the one ordering the wording on the cake this time.

Okay.... I haven't gotten my part finished yet, so we are not ready for the announcement. I will say - this is not "BIG" news, so I hope I won't disappoint anyone. It has more to do with my future adventures. I must say, that it does make me happy to learn that my friends read my blog. (Would love to see you Becka)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two New Friends

Two more friends joined my collection this past week. Peaceful Foxy sold to a young girl this weekend, but her little friend is visiting longer. Not sure what to name her...of course it is only a temporary name. Whoever takes them home gets to give them their real names. I guess I just grow fond of them as they become - themselves and often a name comes to me. Still struggling over this one. Do you think that means she isn't done yet? Hmmm. I sure do like her though. Hopefully she will find a home this next weekend. If not...then she is in need of something else.

That sure was a lot of dialogue about a softie. With all that life provides, it amazes me that I can struggle over whether or not to name my latest friend. I guess sometimes we just need to live in a place of dreaminess. The girls had awesome soccer games on Saturday. I missed them, but Bart got great pics. I will post some later.


When I first had Emelia, my twelve year old daughter, my brother would torment me and call her Eemoo. Let's just say we have one of those sibling things going between us. Now, I never thought that Eemoo fit her, but it sure does fit this little one. He even has a pocket on his backside that I thought would be perfect for little trinkets or love notes for your child. I am definitely going to make more of them.

My fair on Saturday was lovely as far as the day, the location, the company...but not so good for sales. This was a first time gig for this location and though it was organized well, I think it takes time for things to catch on.

We were accepted in the Harvest Festival in York next Saturday. I am hopeful that this will be a good show. I don't know if people are starting to do their holiday shopping yet or not. But this is suppose to be a widely attended event. I will let everyone know. I hope to share my news, no, no - nobody is pregnant.

Friday, October 9, 2009

We are almost ready!

I am so excited I can't stand it. Leslie, my sister-in-law, and I are almost ready to reveal our "big news." Can you guess what it is? Monday.....Monday is the day for our role out. In the mean time, check back later today and this weekend for pics of my more recent fun. Hehe....I sure do love making softies.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mermaid in the making

Making a little mermaid a lot like my friend Heidi's. She is a little gift for a friend - if I can get her proportions right. Faces are hard too. It is almost time to switch to snow people, but something about mermaids and sunshine that are good for the soul.

Today my friend, Annie and Eleanor came over for a play date. The girls collected leaves from the front yard and made leaf prints. Annie and I had fun chatting away and she helped to take some of my overflow. I am sure loving cleaning out our stuff.

The girls are all settled in their new spaces. Bart and I took over Chloe's room and she moved in with Nina and Ella. That is three girls in one room, but it is what they want. Bart and I found that they needed us on the same floor. We hope everyone will go to bed easier and things will go more smoothly.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Beattie Chicks!

Dreaming of my chicks while having coffee with my husband in Camden. So glad to have settled on sharing the name Beattie Chicks with my sister-in-law for my crafts. It just fits for me. I can sell and be an individual - Hannah C. Beattie or I can make it fun and use Beattie Chicks on labels, tags, and signs. To me having four daughters is a special thing and I will think of them as I use this label and tag. To Leslie she has her little chicks to think of. And to everyone else...who doesn't love a little chick? Now - to get the tax id number.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

11 years!

Grammie Sue kept the girls on Saturday and Sunday so that Bart and I could finally get to celebrate our anniversary. It is amazing how much you can appreciate twenty-fours of couple time. We haven't been alone for that long in such a long time. The good news....I am still the luckiest woman around. I so love my husband and our relationship. I can only imagine how I would feel if we actually had more time together. That will come later. It is nice to think that we still have so much to learn about each other and so much to explore in life. Having Emelia, before we were married, in some ways was hard, but in others it is a blessing. We haven't had that time alone as a married couple before children. We will have that luxury later. For now a night here and there is treasured. And our lives as a family of six is what we are - and a great one we are.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Sideways Pig

She is just as cute on her side as she is standing up. She has found a new home, but still makes me smile. She is made out of cashmere and just so happy. Not often do you here the words cashmere and pig in the same sentence, but boy do they work together. In fact, I think tomorrow I need to make more pigs.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes life is hard

Trying to think of a quote that matches this pic. My title just does not cut it. My friend Joan took this pic this summer when she was using my camera. I of course was pleased that she enjoyed taking pics and playing with my camera, but it truly worked to my benefit when the memory card came home with me. I will not be sharing the pics she took of me in my bathing suit. She must have missed that rule - in the rule book.

Pretty in Pink

If I were a perfectionist....this is one of those moments that I would spend lots of time figuring out how to turn this picture upright. Much to my families dismay...I can't attend to such detail. I will wish it upright, but move on.

I have been sewing in bed lately. I will sew their main bodies during the day and bring them to bed with me to embroider. People say you shouldn't watch tv in bed. Do you think they would say the same thing about sewing? I guess it could be kind of painful. I have always been a bed person. That sounds funny. What I was trying to say, is that I would do homework in bed, hang out in my room on my bed, read in bed - I think I never outgrew that. Now that my bedroom is on the first floor, I tend to go to bed after the kids are in bed and sew. To think I have that great studio and I could finally be alone in it, but I just seek the comfort of my bed. Hmmm. My bedroom is even a mess, and I still gravitate to it. Don't get me wrong. I am spending good quality time with my husband. Well - as much as parents of four children do.

I have actually been doing a lot of thinking and talking about marriage lately. Some dear friends of mine are getting divorced and it has upset me so much. They are just a couple that I never would have thought would not make it. There is so much sadness and confusion for them. It has helped me to step back and to look at myself and my relationship. I am sooo thankful for my husband and the love that we have. In no way is it perfect, but I truly love him and feel loved by him. However, I never want to take it for granted. Sometimes I can see myself forgetting to give to him and forgetting to put him at the top of the list. We can get so wrapped up in raising our girls that we forget about each other. Not something I want to do. No way am I going to forget to love him....let's here it for loving our partners.

Sunday, September 13, 2009


Been feeling a lot like my little friend above. Things haven't been clear - and may need to borrow her glasses. Actually my mom offered me a new mantra --- Divine Guidance moves me to new heights of wisdom and success. Trying to repeat it over and over as we make decisions about what action to take against those that have caused us great stress involving our failed septic. It is so hard to know what to do when others don't take responsibility for their errors. Excited to put it all away tomorrow and enjoy my Frayed Edges friends.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Time for lobstah

Is that lobstah or lobster. I think the first is the Mainers version of lobster. I painted this fun lobster for one of my earlier fairs this summer and he was happy to go join a family that was Red Sox fans. I have been pr acting making lobsters. I have a fabric version on my design wall that I hope to turn into a pillow soon. I sure do feel more confident working with fabric.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It was a skirt, but now a bag!

Please notice my lovely friend and her new bag. Having company from away is so much fun, but even better when they like going to my favorite place.....Salvation Army. I know - sounds odd, but I love it. I think it is the same part of me that loves yard sales and sea glass hunting. It's the hunt, the surprise, and for sure the treasures. This lovely bag was once a mini skirt and the strap was once a belt. We had fun finding the skirt and even more fun turning it into a bag.

Loving my oldest daughter a lot tonight. She has been working on her first writing assignment at school - a letter to introduce herself to her teacher. It brought tears to my eyes to read how Emelia views herself, her family and to learn what she values. She is really funny and so lovely. She brought it to me with such pride in her work and you could see her pleasure in herself for having done such good work. This is the stuff that I love to see - my daughter feeling good about herself. Go 7 th grade!

Monday, September 7, 2009

Love Bug!

Bart and the girls had a wonderful weekend while I was at my craft fair and fun trip to Ikea. I also had a wonderful time, but boy did I miss my family. Of course, upon my return everyone needed to let me know that they missed me and would prefer I not leave. Today has been a bit harder, but still a great day. Napped with Nina, nachos for dinner, reading time and a clean garage.

Back to crafting and playing with Nina tomorrow. I sat and did some paperwork tonight. Trying to get my fall fair schedule firmed up. Money in, money out....

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


How can you resist a cashmere elephant? Much less, one with it's own toadstool. I so love making elephants. They seem to be enjoyed by others as well. Each fair I have participated in, I have sold the elephant. This last weekend, I sold almost all of my softies. It makes me so happy to think that others enjoy them as I do. I was even asked about possibly doing a show a gallery. WOW!

I have another show coming up and in between enjoying our company, I have been very busy. I found some neat sweaters today inspite of the out of towners collecting their sweaters at 'My" Salvation army. I think we need a sign..." Sweaters for locals first." hehe

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More to new homes...

York days was an interesting fair. I loved being with my sister-in-law Lori, but also missed Heidi. Working on new merchandise trying out new display ideas. I wonder how everything will turn out? Heidi won't be a the next fair either. Her sister is getting married and I was so anxious to get going, I didn't check any dates with her. Looks like all will work out though. Just means that everyone will have to come to all my shows so that they don't miss anything.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Girl Time Art Camp Week 2

Watch out Softie collectors....there is some new talent on the streets. I could not get over how awesome my art girls were this week. They each created their own softie, made the pattern and sewed it in a day! The day before they made pocket journals from old jeans. It was great to see each girl personalize their journals with their own ideas, talents and interests. I think we will need to have a day long journal day for those that missed this great project. Thanks to Aunt Leslie who created the original.

Girl Time Art Camp Week 1

Here we all are after our first week of art camp. I had such an awesome time and sooooo enjoyed each and every girl. Watch out they come. To be so uninhibited (is that a word?) I think they all had a great week. Playing the Ungame was definitely a favorite for the girls. Great game for group bonding. I have the family addition, but by changing a few words here and there it was perfect. Great game to get to know each other.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Laptop anyone?

Took a brake from making softies for a day - tried my hand at laptop sleeves. A sleeve not a bag.... you say. It is meant to be a cover for your laptop when you take it with you in another bag, or carrying it. It goes in a backpack, suitcase, or seat of the car. Not sure that others will "get it." This one is lined with fun fabric. I guess it will become mine if it doesn't sell at the next fair. I made two others, with vintage buttons and no lining.

Enjoyed York Days this past weekend. Saturday was pretty slow, but Sunday picked up. I met some great people and loved spending the two days with my sister-in-law. Missed Heidi, but with friends in town and deadlines approaching she was needed elsewhere.

Wondering if anyone knows what I should be expecting to make at a show. Someone once told me that a good show is one that you make____% over the cost to be in the show. I just can't remember what that figure was.

Getting ready for Art Girls next week. We are going to have such a great week. They of course have requested many awesome crafts....we will need to work hard. I will transfer the pics from the last one to share. They made such great art.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hard Core Hikers

They did it! Bart took Emelia and Chloe on their annual trip to Katahdin and they had a great time. The girls were a little worried about the hike, but did a great job. Next year Ella joins them. Nina and I will wait a bit longer. I love that they have that time together and come home with such special memories and stories to share. To think that this trip was something that Bart and I did together before the girls came. Sure was different then... I miss the alone time, but wouldn't trade a moment of time with my family.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good bye Ellie

Ellie is on her way to her new home. I am pleased with her new home, but will miss her. She gave me confidence and assured me that making softies was working for me. I just love it. It is funny how I feel when people ask me what I am making for craft fairs and I tell them "softies." I find myself trying to convince them that this is a valid craft and something people like. It reminds me of how I would apologize for a gift that I would give to someone, giving them permission to not like it. NOT GOOD! I need to, well want to, feel confident and sure of what I make. I sold so many at the fair that it ole Ellie has done her job. There are other people who find value and enjoy a homemade one of a kind cozy. Now....the next step....submit them to Somerset Magazine for their Softie addition. Scary!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back!

I am ready to be a consistent blogger. I talked to my good friend Joan, while at the lake, and feel like I have a plan to give my crafting world my attention. I participated in the Harpswell Festival this past Sunday and inspite of the rain had a great day. I love living here so much. To be able to be at a festival and see so many people that I know (and like). I feel truly blessed.

I was able to earn enough $ to pay off the tent I had to buy for all my shows. Yippee. Monday I jumped right in and had my first week of Girl Time Art Camp. The camp filled up and we are having a blast. Each girl is so truly amazing. I so love this age (9 to 12). Well....let me clarify. I love this age to teach and get to know....I find it challenging as a mother. All of my art girls save all that emotional stuff for their mommas and I get the enjoyable time. We wrap up tomorrow with an art show and I will post pics.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All in the Family

My dad, Bart, Nina, Ella, Gigi (Bart's mom), and me - Ella made her grand performance on stage as "Jesse" the mermaid. Watch out Broadway here we come. If I could figure out how to do a YouTube video I would add the song that her Super Six Kindergarten class recorded about our town, Harpswell. It is amazing to me how much girls like music and singing when both Bart and I both have no special talent in this area.

Off to watch Closer with my husband. I love that show. We don't have cable so we watch it on TNT on the web. I think that is what we do. Maybe it is called downloading it from the web? Wow I need to update my lingo.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Sea Glass, Sea Glass, Sea Glass anyone???

Is it normal for my three year old to love sea glass? And look....she even has her little buddy joining her in the search. I guess I do threaten her with no dinner until she has found a bag full. Hehe. That was a joke. I tend to not be funny, so you probably aren't laughing.

Today was the last day of school for my girls. I am so excited to finally be able to spend our days as we wish. Unfortunately the weather is not cooperating. I couldn't convince them to go to the beach even if it was windy and raining. Luckily we ate dinner at Estes and we walked on the beach afterwords for a bit. I found a few treasures - the best - watching my four daughters stroll arm and arm with their dad. I won't mention that twenty minutes later I was negotiating an argument about cheating. We have to hold on to the happy times and let go of the negative. My mantra.