Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am planning to make more of my "taggies" this next week. I love blankies, but am even fonder of something that resembles a stuffed friend. So...I put them together -a softie and a taggie. Hmmm, what to call them "staggies"- no. Softie Tags, no. Any ideas?

My husband is home this week. I am so excited about this. We had a wonderful talk this morning about our lives together and with our daughters. We are developing a strict budget and family plan. We met with our girls shared our ideas with them. They seemed to like our ideas. They didn't like the cleaning and getting rid of stuff after the meeting, But the dreaming of family activities to participate in, that don't cost money, was fun to come up with together. Our long term goal will be a fabulous vacation next year. This year...careful spending, great family times and getting our lives together in order. In the mean time if anyone wishes to pass large sums of money our way...we would love to have our debts paid off sooner. Hehe. Chloe's words, "I wish money grew on trees." I am sure it will be hard, but is sure feels good.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Warning - Owls must have wings!

I love making owls. BUT - it is time for them to mature. So - they have wings. Definately a good move. Planning to make an owl pillow today for my oldest daughter. Shhhh! Dont tell.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Harpswell Communtiy Nursery School

I loved seeing the colors and patterns that everyone picked for their projects at tonights fundraiser. I felt inspired to come home and try a few things differently. I didn't though....after spending my afternoon with my Girl Time Girls and then running to the Nursery School, I have decided that relaxing on the couch is a fine thing to do. Feels extra fun since my husband cleaned the kitchen.

You may think I am nuts....but I am so excited to have a few projects to make that my friends have ordered. Commitions make me nervous. I like it when someone sees what I make and decides they want it. When someone asks for something do I ever know if they really like it or not????? I end up over compensating and doubting myself. Not good. However, when someone asks for me to make something and they are open - I am okay. I am making three softies for a friend whose children I adore and to make them for them feels good. I hope they like them.

Looking forward to school vacation. I can't wait to not have a lot going on and to be present in my life - with my girls and my husband. Family time. Love it.

Beattie Chicks Art Night

I hope you are all as impressed as Leslie and I are - at how great everyone did at our needle felted decoration class. Honestly Leslie and I were a little unsure as what to expect. This weeks class had a lot of people that we did not know well in it. We had no idea as to what their experience was or to their interests. And we didn't know how they would work together. Yippee for us and for another night of great woman and fun art.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lilac Love

I am so happy that this little gal has gone home with someone special. I sure do love fuzzy purple wool.

I am finished with my craft fairs and just finished teaching three classes this week. I am so happy, but sad. Does that make sense? I am glad to not have the pressure of having enough product for a fair. I guess it is knowing that I have completed my commitments that feels good. BUT...I love it. I love making things. I love sharing what I have learned with others. I love it when someones face lights when they have made something they love. I like it when people love the things I make. Hmmmm. Happy thoughts.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


I planned to update my blog with all the news from our great craft weekend....BUT I started to doze off twice while the picture was uploading. I think I need to close my eyes. I will try to complete it tomorrow.