Monday, November 30, 2009

The Happiness Tree

I had a great time with Lisa Bossi last week at her book signing. We thought we would have a chance to catch up if she wasn't busy. That did not happen! Very happily, I must add. Lisa sold out of all of the books. So many people came out to meet her and to buy the book. LL Beans is carrying the book as well as many other stores. I highly recommend it for anyone on your holiday list. My request of Lisa is to turn some of her amazing illustrations into art for the wall. Anyone that wants to know more about Lisa and her books you can see her button on my blog and it will take you to her website. It happens to be my favorite website -so go check it out.

Started to feel a little panicy tonight about this next week and weekend. I think it may be a bit like writers block....crafters block. Hmmmm. I wonder if that is a real thing? I have decided that it will not last and that I do what I do because I love it and it will all come.

Doughty Point

Here are my Babes on our hike Sunday. There was a picture of me, but it was of my bottem side going up the Mt. Definately not going to share that one. My big accomplishment was having Nina on my back and making it back home. I found a log I wanted to bring home and needed Bart to carry it back for me. Nina is definately bigger then last year....or I am older. Hmmm.

Sunday, November 29, 2009


Leslie and I have been spending a lot of time Kennebunk. This picture was taken at the School Around Us before Thanksgiving. We had a great show. Yesterday we enjoyed a small show at Wallingford Farm. We sat next to a wood burning stove and got to watch all the children sit on Santa's lap. After the show we all went to my sister-in-laws house for our family Thanksgiving. The guys got to do the cooking while we all showed our goodies at the fair. I sure do love my family.

This is crunch week for me. I have a big weekend next weekend with three shows. I hope to see everyone. I went with my family hiking this morning. I had just gone down to sew and Bart mentioned hiking out to the point. My first reaction was to stay home...but I didn't. It was so great. The weather is amazing for this time of year and the views were fabulous. Ella and Chloe had gone to run errands with my mom, so it was just Emelia and Nina. Great time!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fairs, Fairs, Fairs

We had a great fair in Kennebunk this past weekend. This was our second time doing a fair put on by the School Around Us and it was just as terrific as the first one. I had a hard time not spending all of my $ at the other crafters tables. Leslie and I both enjoyed meeting great people and look forward to seeing many of them at the Consolidated School in Kennebunk on Dec, 5Th.

We will be at Wallingford Farm this Saturday. Our families will be at our other sister-in-laws preparing a holiday meal for us to share after a day of selling our wares. I so look forward to some family time. After this weekend, Leslie and I are going into overdrive to prepare enough holiday crafts to make it through three shows in one weekend. The weekend of December 4,5 and 6Th. We will be participating in the fair at The Harpswell Grange (Friday, Saturday and Sunday), the Consolidated School -in Kennebunk on Saturday, and at Williams-Cone School in Topsham from 10 - 2 on Saturday. Sounds a little crazy, but we have it all figured out. I am actually excited to be able to participate in so many great fairs. We have been working hard to have plenty of great products for all three fairs. I hope to see you all at at least one of the fairs. If you miss us, we will be at Sunsplash, at Bowdoin College on Friday, December 11th.

Now....onto a another subject.....SPELLING! First, I am not a good speller. Second, I make the same grammatical errors over and over and over. Having a mother who is a pro in English does not help. Well it did growing up because she would proof read all of my work. Now.....she tells me days later, after a post has been out for the world to see that I did it again.....
I tend to use "then" when it should be "than". I wonder if you have noticed? Don't tell me if you have. Just smile and try to send me your editing skills telepathically.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snow people

Looks like it worked now. Hmmm

I have tried four times to upload a pic my friend Catherine sent me, but each time, it does not work. It says it has uploaded, but when it arrives it is a bunch of words. Does anyone know what is wrong? must go to my friend Catherine's blog and see the great snow people everyone made at the Beattie Chicks class this past Monday. Now to give you a link....Not working. So her blog is on the side of blog, listed as Art From the Heart. Hope you check it out.

Well we had a great night at our class. We had eight woman and we had such a terrific time. It was great seeing how each persons individual flare came through. I have loved making snow people for a few years, but a few weeks ago, when I got together with my Frayed Edges friends, Kathy shared her idea of making snow people similar to this new style snowman we made. I sure love having crafty friends.

Other happenings....I was at a craft fair this past weekend and it was a great success. I did the best I ever had on Saturday. Sunday was very slow, but still fun. This next weekend Leslie and I will be at the fair at School Around US in Kennebunk. If you go to just one fair this year. I highly recommend this one. They are very selective and have many unique crafters.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Art Night creations

Here are some pictures of some of the great mirrors that were made at our first Beattie Chick art night. Leslie got the pictures of the others on her camera. I will try to get them posted for you to see. Thinking of having this class again , thanks to the great woman who attended we have heard from many of you who wish to make one for yourself. Just let us know.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pumpkins and power tools

Do others use power tools to carve their pumpkins? Bart and I waited till the last minute (Oct. 31) to purchase pumpkins this year. We were then only able to find these half rotten tiny ones. The girls still loved carving them. Pumpkin carving was brought to an all new high for Bart - he says they were to hard. After this....we made sure that he had time to cut the fire wood with his chain saw so that he could leave pumpkin carving to the kids.

For those of you that know my husband, you understand that he is not one of those guys that feeds off man toys. But there is definitely something to say about a little power, even for Bart.

I haven't put my pictures on my computer yet, but I have some great things to share. First our first Beattie Chicks craft night was great. We had six woman join us and they each made such great art and we had so much fun. My lovely friend Annie called me the day after the class and to hear her joy over her piece just brought it all together for me. Having time to play and create does something to you. I am so glad that these classes will give many woman the opportunity to try new and fun things without the stress of having to put it all together and buy all the supplies. Honestly, I do hope to make crafters out of many of them and to learn and discover fun stuff together.

Girl Time Art Camp started this past week also. The girls were great. At the end of class they wouldn't let us stop and wanted to make the parents wait for them, in hopes to finish their projects. We try to get so much done in our two hours. Next week, we will have to forgo the pretzels after school and jump right in before the class is to officially start.

My last bit of news....Leslie and I participated in a craft fair on Saturday. We had a nice time at the fair and even were able to drag ourselves out to the Motor Booty concert with many of my friends from my neighborhood that evening. For those of you that are not locals, Motor Booty is a band that plays 70's music. I loved watching everyone and we danced the night away. I wish I had worn platform shoes and I haven't seen such great attire in such a long time.

we spent today enjoying family time. Grammie Sue took the girls to the playground and out for a treat around lunch time and Bart and I went out for a quick kayak trip. He took me to a small island and as I pulled onto the shore I spotted the greatest sea glass. I forgot about the pain radiating up my arm from paddling for about ten minutes and gathered some glass for my collection. Lucky for me the waves were moving in my direction on our return trip. I was glad that he didn't tell me about hypothermia and the water temperature until we were close to shore. I think we will wait warmer days next summer for further adventures on the sea.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This weeks class.

We still have a few spots left for this weeks Beattie Chicks class. It is held in my home studio in Harpswell and starts at 7 and goes to 9 or 10. The cost is $20.00. We have a great group signed up so far and are very excited. Leslie and I got together yesterday to get everything ready. We even have put together some kits so if anyone wants to purchase an additional mirror and the supplies to make another one they can. We want so much to share what we have learned with others. This way, everyone can tap into that creative energy. Please know that with all the classes we offer, people of all artistic levels can attend. We set up the classes so you can follow our pattern as is or adapt it to your liking.

Also, I am preparing for the craft fair at Brunswick High School this Saturday. I hope I will see some of my local friends there.