Wednesday, February 17, 2010

February Vacation Girl Time Camp

Wow! I am so thrilled with what a wonderful time I have had with all of the girls from camp. Leslie and I ran two sessions of Girl Time camp this week. The morning was spent with five to eight year olds and the afternoon with eight to eleven year olds. We only ran three days - so our families would be able to enjoy some of the vacation just as a family.

I am continually impressed by what amazing young girls I have met and get to enjoy making art with. Leslie and I are sure exhausted, but so pleased.


  1. Oh, Hannah, I just checked out your blog - it's been way too long since I stopped by. I LOVE your creations and the creations of the girls. You are truly gifted!!!! We missed seeing you this week at the Samoset. Maybe we can connect over April school vacation. Hope you did find some family time!

  2. thanks hannah and leslie for keeping the kids occupied with something other than the wii and bugging me. what lovely treasures they have created. they loved showing the baskets to family and friends. I am so blessed to of have you moved to my community. Camille said she is famous now that she is on your blog.