Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Red Soxs and the Yankees!

Please excuse the horrible picture of me.
I never imagined that I would hear so many conversations about baseball. I use to brag about how my husband wasn't into sports and therefore I never had to endure game nights. Something has happened over the last couple of years and he has become a pretty big Red Sox fan. So much so that we visited Fenway Park over February vacation. You may not think that this is a noteworthy experience or to some of you it may sound like a grand way to spend your day. ten year old is very clearly a Yankees fan. I thought it too was a passing fancy, but since half her class has now converted and she has their gear and advertisements everywhere - I am out of luck. The jury is out on who will actually sway Nina into their court. Bart has Emelia and Ella, so it seems natural for Nina to go his way. She likes to change her mind depending on who is giving her what she wants. Hmmm.

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