Monday, September 20, 2010

Family Time

It seems that summer came and went so quickly. Weren't we just making our plans for summer adventures? Sleeping in and having late nights? These Monday morning routines are getting the best of me....early bed times, packing our bags and making lunches. Sometimes I just want it to be summer again. I love the pace of summer. Back to chore charts and point systems....away with the tearful mornings. Maybe I need to check out List Planit for a good list on getting back into the school routine.

1 comment:

  1. In the mornings, I try to tell myself that my first priority is to give my kids a good beginning for the day. Positive attitude, loving kind supportive words, mostly healthy breakfast, general cheer leading. It's not easy. It's a give and take and constant challenge over pop tarts, morning tv cartoons, proper attire, hair brushing, face washing and back pack packing.

    Once all the kids are off, I wish we could meet for a cuppa.