Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happpppy Easter!

We had lots of bunnies at our house this Easter.  I have enjoyed creating my own Easter Bunnies the last few weeks.  The six in the basket went with me to Ella's Kindergarten class and went home with each of the six kids in the class.  The two at the top were gifts for our friends Kirk and Judy, and their 15 year old daughter and their exchange student 17.  They came to our house tonight for Easter and I crossed my fingers that - you never grow out of liking stuffed animals.  I think they were a hit.  I still have about five more that are in progress.  I wish my grandmother was still alive.  She use to love embroidery and I am definitely in need of a lesson.  Maybe my Aunt Kathy will visit this summer and help me out?????

I wasn't looking forward to Easter this year.  I usually love any holiday/ reason to celebrate. Bart and I didn't even get the Easter baskets out.  The truth of the matter is that we just organized our basement and we couldn't find them!!!! Imagine that.  Lucky for me I had purchased four small canvas tote bags at Renys a few weeks ago and they worked perfectly.  

Nina and Ella were excited to try out their new beach toys.  We had planned to go to Wolfe Neck Farm to go hiking, but went to Cedar Beach instead.  It was pretty cold, but fun.  I spent the afternoon sorting socks.  Heidi usually comes over and does it for me.  She has this sock sorting talent that I seem to lack.  I ended up throwing  a bag full away and kept the ones that I am hopeful will resurface.  If they don't, I think they will need to become legs on a new doll.  

I am suppose to have firmed up my summer plans today.  Time keeps getting away from me and I didn't get to it.  I am going to stay home tomorrow - do laundry, firm up my calendar, prepare for the school consolidation meeting, and make a mermaid costume.  I am actually pretty excited.  

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  Something about flowers and green grass that change an attitude.  


  1. sounds like a nice organizing day...have fun!

  2. About the socks: I gave up. Fortunately I have boys. Each year they get 9 or 12 pairs of socks. ALL the same. A dozen pair of white socks, or a dozen pair of black. Any kind they want. Sure makes matching easy!

    Cheers, Sarah