Wednesday, April 29, 2009


This is it for me.  These lovely young people just make it all work. Of course I don't want to not mention my other lovely family members, but right now it is these fine young people.   I called this post "joy" yet really I feel so sad and frustrated.  I attended yet another school consolidation meeting tonight, where I sat as the parent representative for my girls school,  and I left feeling so disappointed.  I come from a family of public school educators, I am a social worker and I respect and appreciate communication and public schooling.  However, tonight I am ready to send my girls to private school.  I actually cried during our meeting.  Not to mention the embarrassment I feel, I am so frustrated an disappointed at how money, egos and personal agendas can impact soooo much.  

I moved to Harpswell, Maine two years ago in August. I will say that I for the first time in my adult life I feel like I have found home.  I love being close to the water, to be surrounded by such beauty, but most of all I love the woman and families that I have met.  It is so hard to then be faced with such silliness when it comes to community decisions and education.  First it is good to be part of a small school.  A small school that is ranked number one in our county.  Yet a school that is part of a district that seems to talk out of both sides of its mouth depending on the daily agenda.   Ugh!  I will not let this keep me from loving my home, my neighbors, and my community.  Our school board may be misdirected, but I will fight for my girls, they deserve the best and  we will not settle or except (or is it accept) narrow minded, money driven, personal agenda seeking individuals that mascaraed as having children's best interest at heart.  I have best interest  at heart.  How could I not with such wonderful young girls in my life.  


  1. You go, girl.
    Your girls, your school and your town are lucky to have you. Fight on.