Thursday, May 7, 2009


I am by far a rock lover.  When we went to Bar Harbor over Spring Break I found these rocks to be very appealing.  Sometimes I feel like I am like those rocks - balancing in hard place, but peaceful.  I think rock structures like this have a name....  Bart also is into rocks.  He has been collecting neat rocks and many that are round to make knobs from.  They look so good. I hope that since he is drilling through rocks, I should be able to drill through sea glass.  Soon.  Soon.  

My dad is home from the hospital and looking better each day.  I am so glad that he is here.  I don't know how anyone could be alone after a major surgery.  There are so many things to know and keep track of.  I am of normal mind and have a hard time keeping up...imagine managing a drug induced state  and managing the correct meds. Ugh!  The part that is the hardest is Nina who seems to see him and any time I give to him - like sibling rivalry.  Getting better each day. 

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