Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mom

Again. I have no idea why this is underlined.   
Many of us think we have the best mother there is.  Well, I do.  I remind myself, as my eldest daughter is upset with me. That I too felt that way one day.  Lucky for me, my mom stuck with me and we made it to the other side.   In fact, I even give my mother the credit for most things I do as a mother.  She taught me so many things.  Though she tried to get me to spell correctly, use "then and than" in the right places and keep my room in an orderly fashion....and failed.  She did teach me the best things... how to love, set limits, but be fair, connect and respect AND to take your vitamins.  Hehe.  For those of you who know my mother, you know how truly amazing she is at listening, at being honest , loyal, talking things through and making you feel so important.  At times she can come off a bit to strong.  But those of us that have made it through one of those embarrassing moment s- truly know that behind every outburst is something VERY important.  Sometimes you just have to search for it.  Though she buys my daughters movies, juice and gum.  Three things she never let me have.  I love watching her love my girls and teach them how to truly love someone.  



  1. Happy Mother's Day to you....hope you're getting into a comfortable routine these days!! I'll give you a call towards the end of the week.....maybe we can get together????

  2. What a lovely tribute to your mom...she is all that and more. I love her dearly, too!

  3. Dear Hannah,
    Your Mom and I have been close friends since 1980 and she has never let me down. I am glad you are enjoying her personhood and her support as I have all these years. There is nothing we want more than to have our children glad to see us and to dote on our grandchildren. Hope to see more of your crafts when I get to Maine to visit this fall.
    Nancy B