Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm Back!

I am ready to be a consistent blogger. I talked to my good friend Joan, while at the lake, and feel like I have a plan to give my crafting world my attention. I participated in the Harpswell Festival this past Sunday and inspite of the rain had a great day. I love living here so much. To be able to be at a festival and see so many people that I know (and like). I feel truly blessed.

I was able to earn enough $ to pay off the tent I had to buy for all my shows. Yippee. Monday I jumped right in and had my first week of Girl Time Art Camp. The camp filled up and we are having a blast. Each girl is so truly amazing. I so love this age (9 to 12). Well....let me clarify. I love this age to teach and get to know....I find it challenging as a mother. All of my art girls save all that emotional stuff for their mommas and I get the enjoyable time. We wrap up tomorrow with an art show and I will post pics.


  1. Hannah, I am sooooo happy for you!! Can't wait to see pictures. Oh, I wish I lived closer!!

  2. Me again. I took a closer look at your art picture and just love it. Jaelin would so love to do something like and hang it in her room. You are just so creative!!!