Friday, December 18, 2009

Harpswell Communtiy Nursery School

I loved seeing the colors and patterns that everyone picked for their projects at tonights fundraiser. I felt inspired to come home and try a few things differently. I didn't though....after spending my afternoon with my Girl Time Girls and then running to the Nursery School, I have decided that relaxing on the couch is a fine thing to do. Feels extra fun since my husband cleaned the kitchen.

You may think I am nuts....but I am so excited to have a few projects to make that my friends have ordered. Commitions make me nervous. I like it when someone sees what I make and decides they want it. When someone asks for something do I ever know if they really like it or not????? I end up over compensating and doubting myself. Not good. However, when someone asks for me to make something and they are open - I am okay. I am making three softies for a friend whose children I adore and to make them for them feels good. I hope they like them.

Looking forward to school vacation. I can't wait to not have a lot going on and to be present in my life - with my girls and my husband. Family time. Love it.

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  1. I wish I had gone to that class, I love those wreaths, do you have any kits left I could buy?? xox. See you Monday, what's for dinner?? xox