Sunday, December 27, 2009


I am planning to make more of my "taggies" this next week. I love blankies, but am even fonder of something that resembles a stuffed friend. So...I put them together -a softie and a taggie. Hmmm, what to call them "staggies"- no. Softie Tags, no. Any ideas?

My husband is home this week. I am so excited about this. We had a wonderful talk this morning about our lives together and with our daughters. We are developing a strict budget and family plan. We met with our girls shared our ideas with them. They seemed to like our ideas. They didn't like the cleaning and getting rid of stuff after the meeting, But the dreaming of family activities to participate in, that don't cost money, was fun to come up with together. Our long term goal will be a fabulous vacation next year. This year...careful spending, great family times and getting our lives together in order. In the mean time if anyone wishes to pass large sums of money our way...we would love to have our debts paid off sooner. Hehe. Chloe's words, "I wish money grew on trees." I am sure it will be hard, but is sure feels good.

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