Thursday, April 8, 2010

School friends

Nina has been loving her school on Thursday mornings. Her buddy has joined the group and she thinks Ms. Myrna is great. Such great progress for my little one. Of course she is in shorts on a day that was just not warm enough. I will credit Chloe for that one. My almost four year old wants to be just like her older sisters. This could be a problem in the years to come.

Good progress is happening for our upcoming retreat. Leslie and I met last night to iron out some of the last minute details. We will post lots of pictures when we return. I think everyone is going to have a grand time. I am looking forward to starting two girl time camps when we return from the retreat. We will be making softies. We still have room if you live in Maine.

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  1. Hi Hannah! So psyched to have you with us for Brimfield :-) how do I get info on your classes/retreats? Love some of the projects you've been doing
    Kelley S.