Sunday, March 8, 2009

Mountain Road Mommas!

I moved to the Doughty Point Road, off the Mountain Road,  a year and a half ago and little did  know that I was going to be surrounded by such awesome families.  And to think that every other Tuesday night (after the kids are in bed)  they get together for "craft night."  Now I know a lot about crafting.....and there is not a lot of crafting going on.  Some husbands call it the "mom mafia".  I just love it, what ever it is called.  We eat, drink, chit chat and sometimes make things.   The greatest part is that they are terrific women and mothers and just the kind of people you want to raise a family around.  The night these photos were taken - we all exchanged junk.  I brought the most of course, since I have been organizing my basement.  I did leave with a great pair of shoes and a new scarf.  


  1. So fun! You may not be crafting... but you are certainly creating something: community.

  2. need to stop laughing so I can type. dont worry we have figured out a way for you to eat the bluebrry salsa. cant wait for the next installment.