Friday, March 6, 2009

Panda Power!

Two more pandas left from the fair.  Are you getting tired of hearing about what is left from the fair?  I wonder if Heidi would notice if I confiscate them.  They all just make me so happy.  
We are heading to the Bowdoin Women's NCAA championship game tonight.  The couch is the mother of one of the little girls in Ella's class.  She is also volunteering to teach them basketball.  She is wonderful.  Chloe is also very excited to see a "real" game.  I think it will help inspire her love of sports.  Bart's mother is here for the night.  The girls just love having her.  She is making a bunny craft with them right now.  The girls have to keep track on the calendar of who got to have her in their room last time to sleep over.  Tonight Emelia gets the pleasure.  It works for us ..... they all prepared by cleaning up their rooms.  

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