Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It was a skirt, but now a bag!

Please notice my lovely friend and her new bag. Having company from away is so much fun, but even better when they like going to my favorite place.....Salvation Army. I know - sounds odd, but I love it. I think it is the same part of me that loves yard sales and sea glass hunting. It's the hunt, the surprise, and for sure the treasures. This lovely bag was once a mini skirt and the strap was once a belt. We had fun finding the skirt and even more fun turning it into a bag.

Loving my oldest daughter a lot tonight. She has been working on her first writing assignment at school - a letter to introduce herself to her teacher. It brought tears to my eyes to read how Emelia views herself, her family and to learn what she values. She is really funny and so lovely. She brought it to me with such pride in her work and you could see her pleasure in herself for having done such good work. This is the stuff that I love to see - my daughter feeling good about herself. Go 7 th grade!

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