Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pretty in Pink

If I were a perfectionist....this is one of those moments that I would spend lots of time figuring out how to turn this picture upright. Much to my families dismay...I can't attend to such detail. I will wish it upright, but move on.

I have been sewing in bed lately. I will sew their main bodies during the day and bring them to bed with me to embroider. People say you shouldn't watch tv in bed. Do you think they would say the same thing about sewing? I guess it could be kind of painful. I have always been a bed person. That sounds funny. What I was trying to say, is that I would do homework in bed, hang out in my room on my bed, read in bed - I think I never outgrew that. Now that my bedroom is on the first floor, I tend to go to bed after the kids are in bed and sew. To think I have that great studio and I could finally be alone in it, but I just seek the comfort of my bed. Hmmm. My bedroom is even a mess, and I still gravitate to it. Don't get me wrong. I am spending good quality time with my husband. Well - as much as parents of four children do.

I have actually been doing a lot of thinking and talking about marriage lately. Some dear friends of mine are getting divorced and it has upset me so much. They are just a couple that I never would have thought would not make it. There is so much sadness and confusion for them. It has helped me to step back and to look at myself and my relationship. I am sooo thankful for my husband and the love that we have. In no way is it perfect, but I truly love him and feel loved by him. However, I never want to take it for granted. Sometimes I can see myself forgetting to give to him and forgetting to put him at the top of the list. We can get so wrapped up in raising our girls that we forget about each other. Not something I want to do. No way am I going to forget to love him....let's here it for loving our partners.

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  1. Maybe the bear is just lying down... like you in your bed!

    Count me in as a big fan of marriage and loving each other.