Friday, January 16, 2009

A House Full!

It amazes me that with a house full of seven girls, I am actually able to work on my blog.  When it is just our four girls it seems there is never any time.  Bart even came home early from work and cleaned the downstairs while I played in my studio.  I think he thought I was hitting a crazy momma moment after having sick children home from school this week.  

Heidi Boyd (one of my best friends) and I are preparing to show some of our goodies at the Chinese New Year Fair in Portland, Maine on the 31st of January.  Heidi tends to be the master mind behind our patterns, designing and cutting out the material.  I sew the patterns and see them come to life.  In between sewing panda bears, lady bugs and asian dolls - I have been working on a few collages that I hope will be ready for the fair.  

Heidi is author of 13 arts and crafts books.  I do love this about her, but her artist abilities aren't even her best qualities.  She happens to give really good parenting advice and is a great friend. weekend we are flying to Los Angeles and then on to Aneheim for CHA (Craft and Hobby Association).  For all of you noncrafters, this is like heaven for a crafter.  All the vendors who make products, write books, create awesome art will be in one space.  And I of course needed to go to support Heidi.  I hope to meet Kelly Rae Roberts and Claudine Hellmouth.  Well...."meet" sounds great, but more realistically I would be happy to watch them from a far.  

Time to check on the girls.  The volume is increasing upstairs.  


  1. Hannah, this ROCKS! You've done such a great job!!! congrats on gittin' her done!!! I love you dearly!!!

  2. I am so excited for YOU to be going to CHA and I am so excited for ME that you are finally blogging. Yippee!