Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tweet, Tweet!

This little bird  sits on the window sill in my kitchen.  She makes me smile, when I have to do the dishes.  Heidi and I made these for the craft fairs we were in this past holiday season.  We used  recycled wool sweaters that we felted in the washer.  I have a few more cut out that I hope we can finish for our ETSY store.  For any of you that haven't gone to ETSY.com - I highly recommend it.  Anyone can have a store and sell their handmade items to people all over the world.  I hope to open one in the near future.  If I get ambitious with this blog thing I could list my favorite ETSY shops.  I can't remember her store name....but Betsy Thompson sells great collages.  My sister-in-law, Leslie has put some of her pieces on ETSY as well.  I'll check with my master -mind computer guy (Bart) later and see what he can do.  

I have enjoyed a great day with Nina.  Now that everyone is feeling better, we were able to enjoy a fun day at home.  Nina enjoyed playing with Ceilia and I got to sew two of the cutest softies that Heidi and I have made yet.  I can't post pics of them until much later....but you can watch for them in the next issue of STICH magazine.  

Time for the bus.  Don't forget to celebrate this great day.  Hannah


  1. okay, Hannah...you've GOT to keep this going because it's wonderful...your stuff is so creative and so much fun to see it all in one place. Nice job!

  2. wonderful blog Hannah! Congratulations!!

    This birdie is just ADORABLE!


  3. Stitch magazine??? You're holding out on me, sweetie!