Monday, January 26, 2009

No Snow and Palm Trees!

Here I am!  In sunny California....please notice that the woman behind the big leaf is ME.  And that is a Palm Tree.  I would also like to mention that there are roses and green grass.  Heidi and I even ate dinner outside last night.  Okay - enough bragging. 

Not only is the weather amazing, but I am in craft heaven.  I have blisters on the bottom of my toes from walking all day yesterday.  I am surrounded by every craft vendor imaginable.  I made a "make and take" with Claudine Hellmouth.  Spied Tim??? for my lovely Leslie.  Decided not to stand in line to see Paris Hilton.  My only sad thing so far is my favorite artist,  other then Heidi, Kelly Rae Roberts  is not here.  

Okay, Frayed Edges Friends,  there is machine that will cut out die cut shapes out of fabric. Sarah you would flip over all of the thread.  I spied Jenny Doh and bought the new Women Who Create and an awesome Stuffed addition.  AND  they are going to have an art quilt magazine that comes out two times a year.  I see this in our future.  

Leslie - those inks you like are everywhere.  Lori, I have found what you need for your sand dollars.  It is actually good that I can't buy things.  A minimum order is $200, but I have lots of catalogs. 

Other then all the fun I am having, I miss my family sooooo much.  Traveling with Heidi is a blast!


  1. sounds like you're having a great time.....Can't wait to hear all about it when you get back!

  2. glad you are having a fabulous time. we've booked the next 2 mondays for Caitlin's quilt at school. wanna come?