Monday, January 19, 2009

Snowy Days

What a beautiful day outside.  Finally it is in the twenties and we can actually go outside and play in the snow.  Bart took Emelia and Chloe cross country skiing out the back.  Nina, Ella and I stayed back to give them more time to get over their flu-bug.  I was able to sew a few pairs of mittens and the fronts of eight more pandas.  Yippee!  Hopefully they will all sell at the fair. 

 I leave for CA  next Saturday and I am trying to figure out what to pack for clothes.  I may not even need my winter coat....weird.  But then that leads me to the clothing issue.  What do I pack?  I'm finding that my wardrobe has gone down hill a bit.  The fleece tops and yoga pants that I wear at home won't necessarily send the hip crafter image that I am hoping for. I have put in a rescue call to Lizzy my hip 23 year old girl friend,  in hopes of borrowing something that doesn't scream "at home momma." Don't get me wrong...I am sure I can pull it off.  


  1. I can't stress this enough, COMFORTABLE SHOES. I don't think you need to get all fancy schmancy dressy, nice, casual pants and tops will be perfect. Make sure to bring big bag for all the brochures you'll pick up, some people even bring suitcases to carry them all home in!

    See you soon! xox.

  2. Hannah this is wonderful!!!!! You are truely amazing. My closet is at your disposal. If you are in town call me tomorrow afternoon. I should be home around 3. I have a really cute 3/4 sleeve sweater that you would love but my grandfather told me it was about 83 there yesterday so bring the capris!