Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Leslie and I are meeting on Wednesday to prepare our next Beattie Chicks flyer. We have some great new ideas and fun classes for young girls to more mature woman (hehe). Just this week I have started two classes for girls. On Mondays I am teaching sewing techniques to girls from 9 to 12 and Thursday I am teaching mixed media collage to girls ages 6,7, and 8. Leslie joined us on Monday so that we could get each girl on the sewing machine and attend to them well enough on other tasks. I am so thrilled how many girls are excited about art.

Today, I am taking Emelia to the Orthodontist to start the process of getting braces. Following that appointment she goes to see her Chiropractor to have her back adjusted. Hmmm. And my children are in good health! It sure is expensive....but money well spent. We are so fortunate in so many ways and I am thankful for that. Nina is going without a nap again - I hope she is in good spirits for our appointments.

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  1. aghghghg! braces!!! Let's remember to talk about THAT tonight!!! <3