Monday, January 11, 2010

Wee Girls, Girl Time

I had such a wonderful time with this group of girls. I am so glad that I was well prepared. They stayed on task so well and were so eager to learn and do MORE. They finished their first project ( Wishes, Hopes and Dream Jars) and started the next two projects - bangle bracelets and collaged canvases. I had one of my older girls, from Girl Time, helping out, thank goodness!

Today, I got to meet with my Frayed Edges Art Quilting Group and had a wonderful day. We worked a gift for Deborah or member who lives in Texas. Nina liked this so much that she actually got to do more then I did. It was nice seeing her having so much fun making art. I so appreciate having these woman to talk about art with. They are such amazing artist and inspire me so much. From my little artists to my well advanced artist friends - they all give me so much. Such fun to make art and create with other ladies. I am definitely a little mushy tonight.

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