Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Snow people

Looks like it worked now. Hmmm

I have tried four times to upload a pic my friend Catherine sent me, but each time, it does not work. It says it has uploaded, but when it arrives it is a bunch of words. Does anyone know what is wrong? must go to my friend Catherine's blog and see the great snow people everyone made at the Beattie Chicks class this past Monday. Now to give you a link....Not working. So her blog is on the side of blog, listed as Art From the Heart. Hope you check it out.

Well we had a great night at our class. We had eight woman and we had such a terrific time. It was great seeing how each persons individual flare came through. I have loved making snow people for a few years, but a few weeks ago, when I got together with my Frayed Edges friends, Kathy shared her idea of making snow people similar to this new style snowman we made. I sure love having crafty friends.

Other happenings....I was at a craft fair this past weekend and it was a great success. I did the best I ever had on Saturday. Sunday was very slow, but still fun. This next weekend Leslie and I will be at the fair at School Around US in Kennebunk. If you go to just one fair this year. I highly recommend this one. They are very selective and have many unique crafters.

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