Sunday, November 29, 2009


Leslie and I have been spending a lot of time Kennebunk. This picture was taken at the School Around Us before Thanksgiving. We had a great show. Yesterday we enjoyed a small show at Wallingford Farm. We sat next to a wood burning stove and got to watch all the children sit on Santa's lap. After the show we all went to my sister-in-laws house for our family Thanksgiving. The guys got to do the cooking while we all showed our goodies at the fair. I sure do love my family.

This is crunch week for me. I have a big weekend next weekend with three shows. I hope to see everyone. I went with my family hiking this morning. I had just gone down to sew and Bart mentioned hiking out to the point. My first reaction was to stay home...but I didn't. It was so great. The weather is amazing for this time of year and the views were fabulous. Ella and Chloe had gone to run errands with my mom, so it was just Emelia and Nina. Great time!

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