Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pumpkins and power tools

Do others use power tools to carve their pumpkins? Bart and I waited till the last minute (Oct. 31) to purchase pumpkins this year. We were then only able to find these half rotten tiny ones. The girls still loved carving them. Pumpkin carving was brought to an all new high for Bart - he says they were to hard. After this....we made sure that he had time to cut the fire wood with his chain saw so that he could leave pumpkin carving to the kids.

For those of you that know my husband, you understand that he is not one of those guys that feeds off man toys. But there is definitely something to say about a little power, even for Bart.

I haven't put my pictures on my computer yet, but I have some great things to share. First our first Beattie Chicks craft night was great. We had six woman join us and they each made such great art and we had so much fun. My lovely friend Annie called me the day after the class and to hear her joy over her piece just brought it all together for me. Having time to play and create does something to you. I am so glad that these classes will give many woman the opportunity to try new and fun things without the stress of having to put it all together and buy all the supplies. Honestly, I do hope to make crafters out of many of them and to learn and discover fun stuff together.

Girl Time Art Camp started this past week also. The girls were great. At the end of class they wouldn't let us stop and wanted to make the parents wait for them, in hopes to finish their projects. We try to get so much done in our two hours. Next week, we will have to forgo the pretzels after school and jump right in before the class is to officially start.

My last bit of news....Leslie and I participated in a craft fair on Saturday. We had a nice time at the fair and even were able to drag ourselves out to the Motor Booty concert with many of my friends from my neighborhood that evening. For those of you that are not locals, Motor Booty is a band that plays 70's music. I loved watching everyone and we danced the night away. I wish I had worn platform shoes and I haven't seen such great attire in such a long time.

we spent today enjoying family time. Grammie Sue took the girls to the playground and out for a treat around lunch time and Bart and I went out for a quick kayak trip. He took me to a small island and as I pulled onto the shore I spotted the greatest sea glass. I forgot about the pain radiating up my arm from paddling for about ten minutes and gathered some glass for my collection. Lucky for me the waves were moving in my direction on our return trip. I was glad that he didn't tell me about hypothermia and the water temperature until we were close to shore. I think we will wait warmer days next summer for further adventures on the sea.

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