Sunday, January 31, 2010

Missing Camera

I have been having a fun time making things for the Chinese New Year's Fair this next Saturday. Of course my Asian doll that I was trying to photograph fell down and I only got a pic of my Valentines kitty. I hope to locate my camera tomorrow and get some better pics of my latest creations.

I was thrilled this weekend when one of my friends bought two of my softies for parties that her daughter was attending. One was even for a boy. I sure hope they like them - and love that her daughter was thrilled to give a Beattie Chick softie as a birthday gift.

Our friends from Indiana are coming this week. They are looking for a place to rent and work for Theron. We consider their moving here a gift - not just for us but for Nina. Their daughter was with Nina before we ever knew each other. That is a special connection for them to have - and to have each other over the years. I am working on my friend Joan and her family to move closer as well. I just like my people and love it when they are close. Okay ....Kim W., Kim S., Becka - your next. Hehe.

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  1. Don't know what happened, but I tried to post a comment to this blog am reposting it:

    Would move to Maine if there were a job for me (got any contacts at Bowdoin?). Thought of you the other night when "The Lonely Goatherd" came onto my iPod while cooking dinner.....