Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mermaid in the making

Making a little mermaid a lot like my friend Heidi's. She is a little gift for a friend - if I can get her proportions right. Faces are hard too. It is almost time to switch to snow people, but something about mermaids and sunshine that are good for the soul.

Today my friend, Annie and Eleanor came over for a play date. The girls collected leaves from the front yard and made leaf prints. Annie and I had fun chatting away and she helped to take some of my overflow. I am sure loving cleaning out our stuff.

The girls are all settled in their new spaces. Bart and I took over Chloe's room and she moved in with Nina and Ella. That is three girls in one room, but it is what they want. Bart and I found that they needed us on the same floor. We hope everyone will go to bed easier and things will go more smoothly.

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