Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The color looks a bit off in this picture. He really is a fun green color. Notice please all of you boy moms. I am trying to make some non gender specific softie friends. His oh so glamorous legs were made from my large collection of single socks. I am so pleased that I have figured out how to use all of those socks that my girls and I have started collecting. Collecting is probably not the right word for our single socks. I think of collecting as a desired thing. Something we search for or want more of. We do not need more single socks. I haven't been able to throw them out in hopes that their match would one day surface. At least now I will know where the match has gone.

While I am on the topic of socks, it was a pretty big milestone for us when Emelia started being able to wear my socks. At first it was a neat feeling to share socks with my daughter. But then Chloe's feet got big enough and now I share with two daughters. I am going to put an end to Emelia sharing with me since her feet are now a 9 1/2. She has her Grammy Sue to thank for her long and narrow feet. My grand plan of getting really awesome shoes for her when she was a 7 never happened due to the fact that she was only a seven for half a week. I am still holding out hope for Chloe - though she is not much interested in anything beyond sneakers.


  1. Claire went from a 5.5 to a 7.5 in about 3 months. So, we can share shoes at the moment. She will surely surpass me before Christmas. Yikes.

    Emelia is a 9.5?!

    The frog is such a cutey! Are you taking the pictures outside in natural light? He would look perfect posed in some tall grasses.

  2. I have some holey socks. Want those? Crap. I was supposed to call you...about tonight. Love the BOY softie idea. If you can make one have a tag...Nolan loves tags.