Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two New Friends

Two more friends joined my collection this past week. Peaceful Foxy sold to a young girl this weekend, but her little friend is visiting longer. Not sure what to name her...of course it is only a temporary name. Whoever takes them home gets to give them their real names. I guess I just grow fond of them as they become - themselves and often a name comes to me. Still struggling over this one. Do you think that means she isn't done yet? Hmmm. I sure do like her though. Hopefully she will find a home this next weekend. If not...then she is in need of something else.

That sure was a lot of dialogue about a softie. With all that life provides, it amazes me that I can struggle over whether or not to name my latest friend. I guess sometimes we just need to live in a place of dreaminess. The girls had awesome soccer games on Saturday. I missed them, but Bart got great pics. I will post some later.

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