Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Basketball Star

Chloe finished the basketball season a star.  She had a small team and got a lot of playing time.  She continues to excel at sports.  We haven't found one that she does not like.  I'd like to think that she takes after me....well me many moons ago.  Bart may argue that fact - taking credit for her soccer abilities.  

Emelia starts the Theatre Project next week.  She will practice three days a week.  We are excited for her to try out her acting interest.  If only Harry Potter or Bella and Edward would join them she would be in heaven.  

Off to have tea with a couple of girlfriends tonight.  Will have to fight the urge to buy another craft book.  Grammy Sue helped me organize my studio today and stated very clearly that I have NO MORE ROOM!  She just does not understand the addictions of a crafter.  I reminded her about her large number of romance novels and the subject was dropped.  Sure appreciate her help.

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