Saturday, February 14, 2009

Sing, sing a song, sing out loud!

Ella's class did a great job singing at a nursing home.  You may wonder why there are only six girls there.....well there are only six kids in her class and they are all girls!  Not many places can you have six kids in a class, especially in a public school.  My Ella, is the the little one in the brown shirt.  Next year the class will be a 1 -2 mix and she will experience the reality of school.

We went to the Blackbird Cafe last weekend, when Ella's teacher was performing and she called Ella and three others that were there up front to join her performance.  I am amazed by Ella's strength and confidence to sing in front of so many people.  Of course,  Nina is sitting in the audience singing right along.  She loves it when Ella sings at home and has learned all the words. 

We just enjoyed french toast, compliments of my husband.  Time to dress and start cleaning out the basement.  Local friends....prepare for lots of goodies to go to your houses.  


  1. Oh no you don't...I have stuff for YOU.

    Love your little school and class sizes while you can. Rumors have it, it might not be around much longer...

  2. cannot post what I've heard. it might cost me my job. call me. leslie has the quilt if you wanna see it. did i say call me?