Thursday, February 12, 2009

Holiday festivities

I mentioned the other day....about making waxed crayon Valentine's with Nina - well....she is now obsessed with making them.  Anytime I mention ironing, cooking or doing a craft , she insists on getting out the cheese grater and waxed paper.  Poor thing, she is going to think that cheese graters are for crayons, not cheese.  This may actually lead to another woman who struggles to make rice krispee treats.  NO WAY!  Just to set the record straight, I made a yummy dinner tonight and desert.  And they were both tasty.  

So glad that school vacation starts tomorrow.  We are looking forward to play dates, pajama days, and sorting and organizing.  Can you guess which ones I want the most? was a success- going to Ella's class to make Valentine's paper weights and magnets.  I brought each girl, remember there are only six kids (all girls) in Ella's class, a t-shirt with an appliqued heart on it as a smock.  They were so excited and fun to work with.   

Tomorrow - I have a  house full of girls.  We plan to craft and play in the snow.  Bart is coming home early from work with two more girls to add to the mix.  I'll let you know how we survive.


  1. She (Nina) is gorgeous. Did you say ORGANIZING???
    Do you worry about her fingers on the grater? or does she wear gloves?

  2. What nice friends I have. Dana - no gloves, old grater, dull. Looking for your assistance with the organizing.

    Kathy- that you for being so kind.