Friday, February 13, 2009

Girls, Girls everywhere!

I seem to be a little "girl" heavy.  If not in daughters and girlfriends - they come in fabric.  My poor husband..... or some would say lucky husband.  We realized that tomorrow when we join some friends for the Portland Pirates Hockey game that the ratio will be 11 to 2.  That is females to males.  Please don't think that we wouldn't have loved to have a son or love to have boys over.  We just tend to attract estrogen.  This will probably be a very different post when they hit teen years.  Boys, Boys, Boys everywhere.  No, No, girls aren't going to be interested in boys until at least 25.  


  1. Well, at least you're going to a hockey game. I'm sure there will be lots of other boys there. I think every one of your girls are beautiful -- the daughters, the dolls and the mom!